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The Vault  is comprised of men's and women's pieces that are either  1 of 1 pieces, samples of previously produced pieces, or older pieces that have made their way back to our shelves. The Vault  gives you the chance to own a piece that you may have believed would never return, or a piece that no one but you will have. 


In The Vault  you will find that a some of the pieces are not brand new. These items may be sample pieces that may have had some wear and tear, some small stains or even some size issues. However, we would never put anything in The Vault  that is of a quality that we do not approve of. 


Because of the limited selection and rarity of these items, some pieces may have a higher price tag than normal.  


Note that anything purchased from The Vault  is non- refundable.


If you have any questions regarding a Vaulted  item, please contact us at

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